Things that might help motivate....

The following are a range materials that I regularly read, listen to, watch, refer to or quite simply bang on about because they have been a game changer to the way I move, think, act or all three. 

If you want to live longer and be happier and healthier with it you NEED to read this book, in fact it should be compulsory for everyone. A life changing read.

This will help explain why you'll find me sat in Brockwell Lido in the middle of winter when the water is a not much above freezing.

This is one I continually go back to. Learn how and more importantly why you should move. Ido Portal is a leader in the very trendy "movement culture" and trains UFC champion Conor McGregor amongst others - see why in this great documentary.

A great resource for information on exercise, health, fitness, nutrition and more. Hundreds of articles written by some of the best trainers from across the world all at your finger tips for free. Articles, workouts, reviews, training plans and so much more.

Pages upon pages of core exercises, all with regressions and progressions so suitable for everyone.

Inspiration for runners and non-runners alike. Brilliant reads about running. Challenge you not to go barefoot after reading Born to Run!!!

There is science behind why you snack, choose rubbish food and never quite make it to the gym before work. You can change it, just takes practice.

It's a little bit American in parts, the author can be a little annoying but if you ignore that it's got some great messages about what you should and shouldn't give a f**k about. Life is short, don't waste your time and energy on the little stuff.

Everything you could ever need to know about strength, endurance, speed and stamina from a guy who amongst other things has done a triathlon carrying a tree and swam around Great Britain!!

More on the magic of sleep, this time going into the science of how sleep disorders and the brain are linked. Full of amazing patient stories that bring the science to real life.

Old skool but still the truth. If you want to get big and strong you may as well learn from the gospel according to Mr Olympia himself.

Tim Ferriss' podcast is full of absolute gold. Long form interviews, 1-3hrs, deconstructing world class performers from sports, acting, business, the arts and more. Common themes abound across diverse individuals. Particular favs include Coach Sommer on gymnastic training and Arnie. 300m+ downloads suggest he's on to something.

Put the weights down and master your own body before complicating it. A bible for the basics, regressions, progressions and training plans.

Fascinating read about what happens when you eat, when you poop and everything inbetween. Great insight into how foods are processed, absorbed and used by the body in an easy to understand way.